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  • I am unable to focus on my research proposal or project because I have to study and work at the same time!
  • I travel alot and the nature of my job is so time consuming that I cannot effectively concentrate on this research project and its demand!
  • Actually, I can write the project but due to recent events, I do not think I can meet up with the short timelines!

If any of the above is true, you are related to the hundreds of clients we have served over the years, enabling them to meet up with their research project demand.

Through our team of experienced writers, we can deliver your research project in record time without compromising standard. All we need is your approved topic, the acceptable format of your university and agreement on the general terms of the research. With this, we are good to go.

Our major expertise for Masters Degree research is in general fields of Social Science, Management Science, Public Health and Information Science/ICT. For other fields, you may wish to contact us to find out if we have an expert to deliver on it at the time.

Generally, your MSC Proposal will require the following outlines especially for foreign universities;

1.0   Working Title

2.0   Abstract

3.0   Research Questions

4.0   Research Rationale

5.0   Research Purpose

6.0   Literature Review; including Mapping Relevant Literature

7.0   The Role of Theory

8.0   Methodology and Method

9.0   Discussion

10.0  Provisional Work Schedule (Gantt Chart)


For most Nigerian and African Universities, the standard is slightly different. In most cases, your outline will be;

1.0   Introduction/Background to the Study

1.1   Statement of Problem

1.2   Research Objectives

1.3   Research Questions

1.4   Hypothesis (if any)

2.0   Literature Review

3.0   Research Methodology

4.0   Conclusion


To deliver an acceptable and “approvable” thesis, you need to align with the format of your institution and clearly demonstrate the roadmap of the research. For us, we approach each proposal from a bird eye view; we draw on our experience on complete thesis writing to doing a good proposal because, doing a proposal that is not realistic may only complicate matters for you during the research writing; you would not like to start all over again so whatsoever is worth doing is worth doing well!

Our work is standard and so our pricing is not cheap. We do not want to serve clients who want the best quality at the cheapest and ridiculous cost but our prices are rated reasonable for clients who value quality, standard and diligence.

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It would be a privilege to work as your research assistant.

Research Writing Support: How to write critically for critical reviews and evaluation

If you are currently writing your post-graduate research thesis (MSC, MBA, etc.), you may have come across situations where your Project Supervisor noted that your literature review is too descriptive, too story like, not critical and not balanced among other lexicons.

For most students, the next thing is to jump at the conclusion that the Supervisor is wicked or inhumane but that’s not the point. You can have a well-cited and referenced literature without it being critical. In other-words, you may just be justifying a particular line of argument while in essence, academic writings are meant to be critical, balanced and objective.

So what then is critical writing? Here’s an extract from Monaesh website:

A critical review requires you to evaluate an academic text e.g. an article, report, essay or book.  You are asked to make judgements, positive or negative, about the text using various criteria. The information and knowledge in the text needs to be evaluated, and the criteria that should be used can vary depending on your discipline. This means that management, sociology, information technology, or literature may use different criteria. All critical reviews, however, involve two main tasks: summary and evaluation.

Lets not bug you with too many stories. In a balanced or critical review, you are basically bringing out the weakness, bias and limitation of previously known facts as well as the positive angle to achieve a balance. So if in the African context, a Writer is stating that, “Obi is a boy”, then to balance up, you can either note that, “though Obi could sometimes be an elderly man” or bring up other findings which shows that “Obi is a lady”.

At Oliveserah Research, we handle broad spectrum of research writing with core competence in Social Science and Management Science Thesis. Depending on the scope and nature of the research, we also have competence in IT related research, Public Health and more.

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